We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
“When I went to you guys, it really helped me gain traction for my channel and as a musician, getting that initial exposure is really important. Through that, a lot of people knew about me and my music”
San Diego
“ I run a small social media company, I have 25 clients to manage. You guys make me look good and customer service issues are always attended to very promptly. I'm really glad I tried you guys.”
“I opened a restaurant and these guys helped us quite a bit with buzz. Can't beat the price either. Thanks guys.”
San Francisco
“I've tried a lot of ways to get people to my channel and this was by far the most effective. The views never drop either unlike the other services I've used. Wish I found this sooner.”
Fort Lauderdale
"This was a lot easier than dealing with youtube marketing myself but I was disappointed I didn't get many sales for my fishing equipment website. Most of the views were not US but I guess I selected Worldwide so that's what I should have expected. Was pretty happy with the increase in views though.”
“I STRONGLY recommend this agency to ANYONE interested in running a successful online business!”
Orland Park, IL
“Delivery was faster than promised, outstanding!”
Raleigh, NC
“I had no idea how to run a youtube campaign and I literally had like 1,012 views on my video. Now I have a channel that is not just ‘good’ – it’s totally awesome!”
New York City
“I thought I was gonna get all views in Athens so I was kinda disappointed they weren't in my city, but your customer service helped me out and we found a solution. Thank you all.”
Athens, GA
"’I spent weeks scratching my head and getting furious at my youtube campaign not working until I finally decided to go with your service. I couldn't get my campaign running right to save my life and it was actually costing me way more per views. This really was a lot easier, happy to write this review for you guys.”
“Thank you for providing this stellar service. A friend forwarded your website to me after you ran her campaign and she says she got great results! I just setup my campaign with you today and I'm hoping to get the same outcome! (fingers crossed).”
Highland Park, IL
“ I tried setting up my own Youtube campaign and I was getting views. I don't know what you guys are doing but when I use you all it is way cheaper. Thank you.”
“I've been running campaigns on youtube for a year and I got basically the awesome results with you as I get myself. It was a much cheaper also.”
“I was pretty impressed with how easy this was to do, it only took about 3 minutes for me to give you the access you needed and then that's all I had to do. Good results too. Thanks again.”
Fort Collins, CO
"Hey guys! Sure, I'd be happy to write a review for you! You guys totally rocked and helped me grow my channel to over 10,000 subscribers in under 3 months, I definitely couldn't have done it without you and really appreciate your awesome customer service! Rock on!”
Las Vegas
“I really just wanted to increase my exposure on Youtube and these guys made it easy, I like knowing exactly how many views I'll get for a set price and they sent me the reports from youtube to prove they were legit. Thanks.”
San Francisco
“Customer service is awesome. Zack is the best ever thanks so much for helping me guys!”
Charlotte, NC
“It took 2 days to deliver 100k views and I needed them in 1 day for a really important contest. I called and complained. At least they gave me a refund.”
Miami, FL
“I've tried a lot of ways to get people to my channel and this was by far the most effective. The views never drop either unlike the other services I've used. Wish I found this sooner.”
Fort Lauderdale
"You guys got me off to a good start and this was way easier than dealing with youtube marketing myself! I've already recommended you guys to some friends! Thanks!”
“I went from 400k views to 500k views and I feel so much better about giving people my Youtube Channel because the activity level is higher, before this you could have heard crickets! ”
Carlsbad, CA
“ Appreciate the help guys. Thanks, I've recommended you to some friends.”
Reno, NV
“Exactly as expected, really happy, thanks guys!”
Albany, NY
“This was actually a gift for my son's new business. He was trying to do a Kickstarter and I thought could help give him a running start. You guys delivered so fast I couldn't believe it. Exceeded expectations and my son was so thrilled. Thank you! ”
St. Louis
"This was so much easier than I thought it would be I wish I had tried this sooner seriously. I've been so frustrated with trying to get traction on youtube and this helped me out a lot.”
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