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Have a channel but it has little or no likes from your subscribers and viewers? It’s frustrating and could make you want to give up on your channel.

Or you can take an easy route and buy Youtube likes and gradually build up an audience of engaged subscribers.

Let’s explain how purchased Youtube likes may help you compete against other trending pages. Off we go!

Benefits of our likes

Safe for channel

Completely secure ordering, we will never ask for your Instagram password and you will never be blocked

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You will not find any fake followers on your account

Fast delivery

Quick start of the order and almost always takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours

How to Get Likes on Youtube

You’ll have no problem finding an online service for purchasing likes for any of your videos on Youtube, be it a cooking tutorial or a vlog on driving a Ford Mustang, it doesn’t matter. The question is, how to find a legitimate service? Logically to assume, you can ask for referrals, or google something like “purchase likes for Youtube instantly.” Read reviews, compare the available packages, and contact the support team for a follow-up.

Now, how to buy Youtube likes after choosing the service? When you are done with the selection, you can pick the package that fits your budget. For example, the Youtube likes price packages may include 50, 100, 250, 500, and 100 Youtube likes. You choose one, pay for it, and then provide a service with the YouTube video URL you require the service for.

If you decide to buy instant YouTube likes, there’s no need to worry about your data security because no one is going to ask you for sensitive info (of course, if you’re dealing with legit industry experts). 

Another aspect to concern when you purchase youtube likes is whether you get any dislikes as well. No worries, it doesn’t work like that. You pay only for LIKES! They’re added to your requested video instantly (if you buy a few) or gradually to avoid unwanted attention from the platform. If needed, you can also request the delivery speed.

Why 1kviews Is the Best Place for Buying Youtube Likes

You may think that buying likes doesn’t take much knowledge, and it’s true. The only knowledge that can help you go trending on the platform is the choice of the service. For your consideration, you can fully rely on 1kviews. 

1kviews is a top company for getting subscribers and views legally. It has been servicing the clients for 7 years and knows the industry inside out. They have established algorithms to attract a great deal of traffic to your YouTube channel at affordable pricing. All in all, they provide a service of monthly social marketing.

What about the timeline for delivering the best service when you buy likes with 1kviews? All likes or views you order are added gradually. Besides, everything depends on the package you choose when you buy Youtube video likes. On most occasions, it takes between 24-48 hours to fulfill your request.

1kviews doesn’t require any password or login to your social media channel. You won’t be affected by any ban because of those purchased views or likes with 1kviews.

Last but not least, this company is known for offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If the received service didn’t meet your expectations, you get a complete refund.

Benefits of Buying Youtube Likes

There are several benefits you come across when you buy likes on Youtube instantly. Check some of them below:

You help the YouTube algorithm recognize you. You’re most likely to dream about YouTube channel recognition, especially when you spend days creating content. However, with little or no likes, the YouTube algorithms can’t recognize you and improve your ranking. As a result, others don’t see your channel. When you get YouTube likes on a paid basis with the best services like 1kviews, you boost the platform awareness of your social content among users, and it all improves video ranks.

You boost engagement of your content. When you buy instant Youtube likes, it helps not only make your videos visible to other viewers but may also convert viewers into subscribers. It’s some kind of a marketing ploy when a person sees that a channel or one particular video gets lots of likes, and thinks, “wow, that might be something interesting.” Yet, you should ensure to buy those likes only from reliable services, so your engagement will be organic.

You boost the profit. Again referring to organic engagement when you buy real Youtube likes, it all helps to determine that your channel and videos are worthy, and one should definitely take a look at it. Once you gain recognition thanks to likes on Youtube, you may attract businesses, influencers, and other channels to pay you for the promotion of their services. Besides, likes help to integrate Google Ads that can lead to earning passive income as well.

To attract more people to your giveaways. Finally, you’re most likely to know about giveaways – Internet competitions with prizes. An influencer offers to subscribe to the channel and be enrolled in a random selection of the winner. The prizes can vary, including cash, cars, and jewelry among others. So when you want to do that, you might want lots of people to see your social video with a giveaway. You get likes on Youtube on a paid basis, your videos reach the top search pages, and more people are hooked on participating in that giveaway. Yes, after it’s over, they may unsubscribe, but half of the audience will be too lazy to do that.

1kviews – #1 service for YouTube Marketing

How to Get More Likes on Youtube?

The most obvious tip is to make great content. Yet, it’s time-consuming. You can get more likes by buying them with 1kviews.

Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Likes?

Yes, it’s fully safe if you do that with legitimate services that provide likes from real people, not bots.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Likes on YouTube?

The prices greatly differ based on your selection of the service. Yet, on average, you may contribute from $130 per 1,000 with 1kviews.

How Can I Buy Youtube Likes Cheap?

Find out whether a cheap Youtube likes service offers any promotions or discounts at the moment. Or just conduct research with pricing policies between 3-5 services, and find the golden mean.

How to Buy Real Youtube Likes?

You can refer to 1kviews, and specify your requirements. They won’t require any password or login information and will deliver your likes almost instantly without any risks for a ban.

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