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Buying 15,000 YouTube Views – Should You Do It?

Nowadays, buying YouTube videos is considered something that can be of great help. Even if you have quality content with valuable information, there are too many videos on YouTube that may or may not share information similar to yours. To make sure your work gets noticed, you might need to buy views for your channel.

Why You Should Buy 15000 YouTube Views 

There are several reasons why you may want to buy views for your YouTube. These can include the following:

  1. It Helps Your Videos Go Viral

If you get 15k views on your videos at once, there is a good chance that they will go viral – which, for a vlogger, is essential. You just need one video to go viral, and you’ll go from an unknown random Internet Joe to a famous one. These videos may as well go across different social media accounts, increasing your popularity.

Bear in mind that if you buy cheap views, you are not guaranteed to go viral. There are other things you might want to focus on, including:

  • Using a strategic title for your video
  • Tailoring your tags so that they remain relevant
  • Creating an attractive video description
  • Choosing the right format for the video
  • Keeping the video short (8-10 minutes at most)
  • Adding interesting content

With that in mind, you need to accept that viral content has a random nature. You may put great effort into creating a video, and some dude filming a funny dog with a bad camera might end up going viral. The more entertaining a piece of content is, the likelier it will be for it to become popular.  

  1. It Takes You Through Difficult Times

Sometimes, bad stuff happens. You may have great content, and your views are skyrocketing. You may have gotten views on previous videos, but one time, you decide to make a sponsored video and suddenly, you are not getting any views. 

This can be bad for business, as well as the relationship with your sponsors – because after all, they are expecting views. When you buy YouTube views, you make up for what the subscribers failed to cover.

  1. It Helps with Competition

The problem with YouTube is that there are millions of channels out there – with the numbers steadily growing every year. With this number, it’s very difficult to maintain a competitive advantage, or even keep up, especially if you are new around the block. 

YouTube watchers will rarely go for the new guy on the platform and will always choose the videos with more views. For this reason, if you buy 15000 YouTube views, you will be getting a competitive advantage.

  1. It Improves Your Ranking 

There are millions of videos on YouTube, each competing against the other to appear on the recommended page. For that to happen, you need a high ranking – something that will only happen if you have enough views to bring you there. If you buy 15000 YouTube views, your ranking will improve fast, and your video will shortly appear in the recommended section. 

  1. It Helps You Build Credibility

The more views you have, the more credibility you will get. If you reach 15000 YT video views, your watchers will see your video as something reliable. 

Between a video with 150 views and one with 15,000 views on the same topic, they will choose the one with more views. It will establish you as an authority, which will most definitely help you in the long run.

  1. It Helps Bring Money

Whether you have your account monetized or not, when you buy 15k YouTube views, you help steer more money in your direction. This applies especially if the views service that you hire can provide real viewers for your videos. 

Even if you do not have your account monetized, each viewer is a potential subscriber – so by getting views, you also get to that subscriber threshold where you can get monetized. Once that happens, each view will start earning money as well – so, 15k views are something that you could use.

How Much Do You Make on YouTube with 15K Views?

If you buy 15k views for your videos on YouTube, you can earn anything from $5 to $500, although it will mostly depend on your CPC. On average, 1000 views can get you around $1 – which means that with 15k views, you can get $15 just from the views. If you monetize your account and include ads as well, you can easily earn up to $500. 

Considering that the 15k YouTube views price is around $50, this is considered a great investment. Payment can be done through various methods such as Apple Pay, and websites such as 1kviews can easily offer real viewers to interact with your content.

The Bottom Line

By buying 15k views, you will help your YouTube channel grow more in popularity. Considering the competition that is currently on YouTube, this is something that you could benefit from, so you should consider this option.

Can You Buy Real Views on 15k Youtube?

Yes, you can purchase 15k views on YouTube as it is not illegal. But purchasing any bot views or misleading anyone to watch your videos is against the Terms of Service of the video-sharing platform. You should always choose reliable providers when buying views.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy 15k Youtube Views?

 The price will depend on the size of the package you get. $3.50 is the price for 500 views while $5.50 is the price for 1,000 views. 5,000 views will cost $22.50, while for 10,000 views, you’ll have to pay $44.00. The highest price is $373 and will grant you 100,000 views. 

Can You Get In Trouble For Buying Views On 15k Youtube?

You cannot get in trouble as long as you purchase 15k legit views on YouTube. You can, however, get sanctioned if you buy bad views. 

Where Can I Buy Real 15 K Views On Youtube?

1kViews is one of the best services for buying real 15k views on YouTube. You can buy views at great prices, with the service being one of the most trusted ones in the whole world. YouTube is one of the most popular requests on 1kViews.

What Are the Benefits of Having 15k YouTube Views?

Having 15k views can bring you a lot of benefits, one of them being the fact that you will be able to make a bit more money on YouTube. But on top of that, it will also make your videos more notorious, as people are more likely to watch videos that are already popular. 
This will lead to even more views and popularity, increasing the number of people that come to see your content. You will be able to get views without purchasing them, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer to reach this goal. Purchasing views allows you to save time and start making money faster.

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