How Many Views on YouTube to Make Money in 2024

While the Internet development opened up limitless opportunities for entertainment, people gradually started to indulge more into content professionals or amateurs make. One of such platforms, where the biggest growth happened, is Youtube, where everyone can upload the videos or short clips they created. From professional tutorials, to official broadcasts and self-made content of different genres, everyone finds content to their liking. But, as the progress goes on, the question of whether these creators get paid, arose and developed entertaining others into full-fledged jobs to earn from. Nowadays, if there are thousands of views and regular subscribers, the channel receives quite some money to be able to provide for the life.

Note. On average, every YouTube views of the video gives the creator around $0.018, varying between $0.01 and $0.03 with the popularity rate. This results in approximately $18 for the 1,000 views, which allows even with a bit of fame to make the channel the source of side income.

The Criteria Included for The Price Calculations

When people become interested in such a niche, as video editing, Youtube blogging or streaming content, they need to learn that there are numerous factors influencing their future popularity. How successful they are going to be is determined by:

Five icons underscore the factors that can impact YouTube revenue and ultimately how much do YouTubers make, including video length, adblockers, and ad quality.

  • The actual number of qualified views. They have to pass the authenticity check in order to become believable and also collect the data about the target audience to recommend.
  • The ad quality. The bigger the credit of popularity of the company placing the advert, the higher the chances for the creator to earn more with their help.
  • The ad blocking software is running. With the block of side content that also serves as part of the video, the viewer is able to cut down the significant part of the income per view.
  • The number of interactions with advertisements. Nowadays everyone knows that the ads are placed natively and bring the video, which hosts it, additional benefit. To support the creators, some directly mention the request to click on an advertisement or watch it in the full length presented.
  • The video quality and length. Exactly the inner content makes people stay, the one made by the holder of the channel. Without engaging content, or of minimal length, the creators severely cut down their chances on high earnings.

Note. With the cutoff of ads on the channel, the regular income per 1,000 views decreases from $18 to $3-5, making the advertisement an important part to consider. On the other hand, the subscription rate can be of any value, while it is more than 1000 users to fit in the conditions for monetizing.

What Is The Role of Subscribers on Youtube

Aside from the previous statement, the subscriptions indicate the stable audience that is ready to enjoy the produced content on a regular basis. Most probably, they will be exactly the people who interact with the videos the most efficiently, watching and liking it, leaving their comments or promoting the channel to their circles of communication. They become the force that benefits the channel growth the most, supporting it continuously with every new piece of content.

The Benefits Youtuber Can Get With Their Video

As it was mentioned before, the Google ads form the main part of potential pricing, so the regular influencer has to be able to work with advertisements correctly. When they have high-quality content, they are able to get around $5,000 per million solely on their efforts. With the combination of wise work with ads, the number gets more than three times higher. This also does not include individual contracts with companies, in-video product placement that is managed apart from the Youtube team.

A line graph indicates social video ad spending will reach $24.5 billion in the U.S. in 2022, impacting the answer to the question of how much do YouTubers make.

Note. For this reason, entertainment grew into a full-time job that works for the modern realia of society. People who successfully learn how to cooperate with it can expect for truly high results in the chosen career path.

How to pass the check for content monetizing

The requirements set by Youtube platform include the several steps of channel check to make sure they represent the reliable partner for their cooperation. With initial step, the user has to apply for Youtube Partner Program that includes:

A checklist overviews the certain criteria YouTubers must meet to become a part of the YouTube Partner Program, which is how YouTubers are paid.

  1. Creating the account on the AdSense platform.
  2. Hitting the goal of 1,000 subscribers which form the base of regular audience.
  3. Reaching for the past year since the application day 4,000 of verified public watch hours.
  4. Signing the agreement for the terms and conditions established by Youtube.
  5. Passing the application review that approves monetizing channel’s activity.

Then comes the next step, with which the platform overviews the newly established partner, allowing to receive the actual payment after hitting the view value of $100 dollars according to the existing rate. There are two ways of receiving payment – through Cost per Millenium (CPM) of views and Cost per Click (CPC) with the ads. Both of them work simultaneously, defining the sum that will conclude the payment.

Note. With the advertisements provided by AdSense, the revenue the channel receives makes up 68% of the overall value. The other 32% are taken by Google for introducing the channel with the commercials.

The possible additional sources of income

The more recognition the channel gets, the more potential it presents as an influencer, promoting self-made or other’s products. For the Youtuber, there are three main ways to make the income even more:

  • Affiliation programs. Many become genuinely interested in what their favorite influencers like, or what they recommend “out of personal experience”, which can be also present as the review. In most of the cases this is exactly the brand affiliation sign, where the channel mentions the product in the preferable way for the owner. It can be either honest or sugar-coating, slight or fully dedicated to the said item – all of this depends on the marketing strategy of the sponsor. In most of the descriptions under such a video one can find the link leading to the promoted company, where the service is introduced. When purchasing a product there through the given link, the Youtuber gets a certain percentage from the item’s price.
  • Merchandise production. When the channel has an established fanbase, it can create personal branding with themed products of different purposes – from everyday use to special occasions. It can contain either channel’s name or specially created brand that is limited to the current stock with possibility of forming next product lines. This ensures the comparatively independent gain, but requires a lot of physical, mental, judicial and financial investments.
  • Sponsorship agreement. Unlike with affiliate programs, the sponsorship actually includes long-term cooperation on a regular basis. This means that the mentions can be repeated once in a certain period, on dedicated occasions, after every several videos and so on. Many brands seek for influential representatives, and Youtube with its specifics of work suits best for finding the new faces.

Note. The salaries per year the most popular channels get is counted in millions of dollars on Youtube only. With additional work in other social accounts, the numbers are even higher, becoming the motivation to start engaging into videoЕ publishing. 


There are many commonly asked questions by people who only start working with Youtube. The most frequent are listed below with short answers.

What is the yearly income for Youtuber with one million subscribers?

On average, the numbers state that common salary is $60,000 without including side activity.

How much can be earned from one million views?

The video with enabled ads that reached a million can get around $2,000-$3,000, depending on the advertisement quality, video length, etc.

Who is the richest among famous Youtubers?

Right now, after the 2021 yearly count, the position is occupied by MrBeast.

What is the average income of a channel with 100,000 subscribers?

Statistics show that such channels get around $2,400-$4,000 per month, with around $600-$1,000 on a weekly basis.

Are the subscriptions profitable for Youtube?

The official partnership only requires 1,000 subscribers to sign up for content monetizing. The direct pay per subscriber is not implied, but the regular viewers tend to become the base of the channel profit.

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