YouTube Trends For 2024

To stay interesting for your audience and regularly get new subscribers, it is not enough to release videos on time. In order for the channel to remain at the peak of popularity and be able to develop, you should be aware of video trends YouTube and create content in accordance with modern customers` requests. 

And this is true both for your personal channel and for promoting a page of a particular shop, brand or service. Let’s see what trends in YouTube are leading for 2024, why this is important and how the algorithms of this video platform work in general.

These are the 2024 YouTube trends for brands

Few video production services see such development results as YouTube — its active audience is growing non-stop (on average, +2 million users per month!). And that’s not counting the group of customers who enjoy content without registering and creating a personal account. Plus, it gets approximately 1,7 billion of unique users monthly, according to Jan statistics.

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All these users follow new publications with great interest and pay special attention to videos shot in accordance with modern YouTube com trends. The main ones for 2024 include:

  1. Challenges — there are certain fashionable tasks for performing & recording, which help you to achieve popularity. For example, a large number of challenges are related to food trends YouTube (eat a large number of sweets, eat something abnormally spicy, cook some kind of pastry with an interesting shape/color). Also, tasks from the category of 24-hour challenge (do not sleep for a day, spend the night in a creepy abandoned place, etc.) are demanded, too. Another category of popular YouTube trend video challenges includes the obligation to regularly publish some thematic videos (for example, for 30 days you spend 10 minutes daily talking in a foreign language, or for 30 days you stand in line every morning).
  2. Live broadcast — the author of the channel talks about thematic things in real-time mode, monitors user chat and answers viewers’ questions. Over the past two years, the popularity of YouTube Live has grown significantly (most likely this was influenced by the covid pandemic, which forced users to spend a lot of time at home — approximately 58% of respondents said that watching live YouTube on TV helped them feel better during the lockdown).
  3. Short videos became mega popular thanks to TikTok, which is why the platform released YouTube Shorts in March 2021. Publications are up to 60 seconds long and can be placed in a special section.

And if challenges and live events are quite common things that remain trends for many years in a row, then Shorts began to appear on the trending YouTube channels comparably recently. However, their popularity is amazing: approximately 15 billion daily views!Also, trending YouTube searches often contain ASMR videos (content with an emphasis on sound — it is an audiophile’s paradise), contacting with the audience (subscribers vote what the blogger wears all day, eats, what photo chooses to post), life hacks and DIY (do-it-yourself tasks), shopping & unboxings and 360-degree videos.

Why are trends important for YouTubers?

Having figured out what is trending on YouTube, it’s worth moving on to another question — why we should customize content to meet certain requirements? Of course, uniqueness is important, but surprising the audience with something completely new is appropriate when the number of subscribers is sufficient for getting a view abundance and distribution of content.

That is, to develop a relatively new channel and maintain popularity, it is worth figuring out how to find trending topics on YouTube and following interesting trends. They will allow:

  • be competitive and emulate with channels whose topics are similar to yours;
  • get into the “trending on YouTube” section;
  • regularly receive new users who will see your content in popular ones.

In addition, by constantly looking for trending video ideas, the content creator will be able to keep abreast of the demands of today’s audience. That is, if the channel specializes in LetsPlays, then it is unlikely that you will be able to be popular just by enjoying your favorite game. You need to research trends on YouTube to understand what kind of entertainment will be the most viewed.

For example, despite the popularity of Fortnite and the immortal GTA, Minecraft was the leader for 2020. Without studying trending statistics, a blogger would not know this and would be less likely to gain popularity quickly.

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How does the Trending page on YouTube work?

Analyzing all of the above, you should definitely include an understanding of trending algorithms in your YouTube strategy for channel development. Typically, this page will show relevant content for your region. The ranking height will depend on the set of parameters:

  • the total number of views and their organicity;
  • the rate of increase in views;
  • “age” of the publication — old videos appear in the tab a little less often;
  • demand for content compared to publications of the same channel.

As you understand, the first, second and fourth parameters will be easily affected by the fact that the content author will choose top YouTube topics from popular trends. However, it should be borne in mind that if the published video contains profanity, specific 18+ topics, a demonstration of violence, then the appearance and rise in this tab is impossible.


Thus, if the captured content is modern and meets the requirements of the audience and video hosting, then it is more likely to end up in YouTube trending searches. This will provoke the expansion of coverage, the influx of new subscribers, the increase in the popularity of your videos, products or services.

And in order to stimulate this process, it is worth not only choosing YouTube video trends, but also using the third-party help of social marketing platforms such as 1kviews, which will help you get the right number of subscribers, likes, comments and other reactions.

Does trending on YouTube matter?


Partly yes. If one of your posts has become a YouTube trending video, then your channel gets access to a wider audience. And as we said, this will affect the number of views and new subscribers. However, to increase popularity, it is not enough just to get on the “trending” tab, because other key indicators will also play a role:

  1. Click through rate (the number of people who will click on your video), depending on the quality of the content description, the attractiveness of the preview, the interestingness of the title, etc.
  2. View rate (how fast views grow after posting), which is considered the most critical in the first three hours after a video goes public.
  3. Watch time, showing how many minutes users spend on your published material.
  4. The average duration of one view (priority should be at least 50% of the entire duration of the video).

Thus, it is impossible to achieve excellent results in the development of the channel simply by using trending YouTube ideas. It is necessary to analyze the indicators listed above and optimize the content in accordance with the results obtained. And to speed up the promotion process, you can buy views on YouTube from a reliable service that offers only real accounts.


What is the most searched thing on YouTube in 2024?

It will be difficult to answer the question about the most requested thing on YouTube this year, because the video hosting platform does not provide users with direct access to trending keywords or phrases. On the other hand, if we want to understand how to find trending on YouTube, it’s enough:

  • go to the Google Trends tab;
  • select “Search YouTube” from the top menu.

There will appear those topics that are most interesting to the modern user. At the moment, the top things most searched for on this platform include:


In popular topics, you can find games such as Fortnite, PUBG and Minecraft, which are still competing with each other, ASMR, modern music artists (Ariana Grande, BTS, BlackPink, Cardi B), viral songs (Baby Shark), as well as mentions of another mega-demanded video platform (TikTok).

What will be popular in 2024?

To understand how to get to trending on YouTube, you need to not only follow the challenges and formats that are already in demand, but also explore what is only gaining popularity. It can be difficult to predict, but many marketing specialists do it quite clearly. According to preliminary estimates, here are some interesting topics that may well become trends in 2024:

  1. Scrap-cooking (cooking culinary masterpieces from waste — for example, delicious vegetable broth, candied lemon and orange skins, mashed banana skin pulp and other madness).
  2. A lot of sequins and sparkles in the design of clothes, interiors, and notebooks — the style of the early 2000s can return!
  3. Nooks for furry family members: BARKitecture is trending right now, becoming mainstream. So, we can look forward to DIY how to make luxury rooms for cats and dogs soon.
  4. Whole Foods 2024 reports threaten a hibiscus boom: get ready to see tons of hibiscus-flavored dishes, hibiscus homemade wine tips, hibiscus baking decorations, and more.

Also, get ready to see bright reds, sparkling blues, and some neon colors in the design of a ton of video content, as designer Nancy Rose claims these hues will be trending before the end of this year!

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