YouTube Views to Money: Secrets

Making money using the YouTube channel is real if you know how to make your content on this video hosting attractive enough. Make it so that subscribers want to watch video — get paid, it’s pretty simple. However, those who are just starting to develop their page have a lot of questions regarding potential earnings.

In the article, experts will tell you everything important about YouTube videos, about the cost of one view, about possible earnings from one publication. In addition, professionals share basic tips such as how to get 1,000 views on YouTube, how to run ads, how you can earn extra money, and much more. Read to the last word so you don’t miss anything!

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View?

If you think that your favorite channels produce video for YouTube and participate in the biggest challenges absolutely for free, then this is wrong — a large audience allows them to make good money from their subscribers. The average “salary” per view of an ad ranges from $0.01 to $0.03. So, 500 views on YouTube in money measures earn the content owner $5 to $15 with AdSense, for 1000 ad viewing — $10 to $30.  If we translate this into “salary/views` number”, which is more convenient for users, then it will come out to about $3 for every 1000 views and above.

However, it is not right to ask only the question “How much money on YouTube per views does the owner of the channel receive?”, because other factors also affect the average rate. They include:

  • the number of clicks on an ad from an ad in your content;
  • the quality of the displayed advertising;
  • the presence or absence of ad blockers;
  • the total length of the video and so on. 

If you improve your content, you can achieve an excellent level of YouTube payment per views in the region of $5 for every 1000, which will provide the owner of the channel with passive income.

How Much Money Can a User Get Per 1 Video?

The question of the maximum potential earnings from one video often worries users of the platform, but unfortunately, it`s impossible to give a clear answer to it. As we mentioned above, YouTube pays per view using a specific rate for each content maker. The rate, in turn, is affected by the number of views and the number of ads in one publication.

However, theoretical calculations can be made. If a user gets paid per views on YouTube in the amount of $5 per thousand views and has about 10,000 subscribers, the channel owner can count on $30,000 if at least 60% of the audience views the published material.

On the other hand, these theoretical calculations may not be relevant by the end of the year, since according to the latest eMarketer research, by the end of 2022, the platform’s video advertising costs should increase by almost 20%!

How Many Views Needed to Make Money on YouTube?

To get YouTube paid view and the opportunity to constantly earn money from published content, you can connect to a video hosting partner program. The basic requirements for joining it include:

  1. Having at least one thousand subscribers on the channel.
  2. Having 4,000 or more hours of public viewing in the last calendar year.
  3. Signature and agreement with the terms of the affiliate program.
  4. Having an AdSense account.

After submitting an application, the user only has to wait for its consideration and approval in order to enjoy how YouTube pays for views. Further, the customer can choose a convenient way of earning — with cost per click or cost per view. The first promises to earn on a rate based on the number of clicks on ads. The second guarantees earnings on a rate based on the number of views.

Important! Keep in mind that remembering how many views do I need to get paid and gaining enough audience, you will only receive 68% of the income from clicks or views. For instance, under the terms of the program, the customer will receive 340 dollars from every 500 dollars earned.

Make Money on YouTube

So, we have revealed some important points in general, and now it’s time to move on to the specifics! Were you thinking about what keyword steps are making money on YouTube? Then follow the tips from the professionals:

  1. Step One: Start Advertising. Content monetization is possible using AdSense — as a rule, users connect this program to YouTube, make a video, post it and start receiving passive income as soon as the number of views reaches the desired level.
  2. Step Two: Maximize Views. Sometimes the organic number of reactions to posted content may simply not be enough. In such cases, in order to maximize YouTube earnings, it is worth resorting to basic recommendations (improving video quality, using CTA so that the audience shares materials with friends, editing description and tags, and so on). 
  3. Step Three: Purchase Some Additional Services. There is an alternative option for developing the channel`s popularity: just like there is an opportunity to buy YouTube subscribers, there are also special views packages — by purchasing them, video hosting customers will stimulate the popularity of content and will be able to earn more than usual.

Thus, publishing only YouTube video and waiting for gold coins to fall from the sky is a bad strategy. You need to launch an advertising campaign and do not forget about an additional increase in the popularity of the channel, intending to order subscribers and views or buy comments on YouTube. However, it is important to use reliable resources that offer content optimization through the reactions of real accounts, and not bots or fakes.

Additional Methods to Make Money on YouTube

However, channels with most subscribers on YouTube are unlikely to have achieved their popularity simply by using basic strategies — they obviously resorted to other methods as well! In addition, to make subscribers to click ads to get paid, they could use the useful tips described below.

Mention Affiliate Links

Usually, sharing affiliate links is a fairly common method of earning for users of this platform in recent years. At the moment, a huge number of companies or individuals are ready to order promotion from small, medium and large bloggers by placing their links in publication. So, it is not necessary to achieve the most video views on YouTube — just find yourself n affiliate!

Sell Some Merchandize

Secondly, YouTube most subs channels very often sell various things with their own design — in a simple way, they are engaged in merchandising. If your page has a large enough audience, be sure to ask your followers if they want to see something like this.

Try Sponsorship

If you think that your favorite blogger mentions the names of some favorite products just to share with favorite subscribers, then we hasten to disappoint you: 95% of such cases are just paid advertising. In any case, why don’t you do the same? You don’t have to worry about how many views on YouTube to make $1000 if the partner pays you directly for unobtrusive product ads and linked links.

Sell Digital Products Through Your YouTube Channel

The fourth method is relatively new, as the strong popularity of digital products has only hit the market in the last couple of years. However, it has become a great way to diversify income for bloggers. Regardless of how many viewers you need on YouTube to get money, you can sell an unlimited number of items – they do not have a physical form, and therefore storage and delivery issues are simply swept aside.

Here are some digital product ideas that are convenient and profitable to distribute on the platform:

  • educational materials: online lessons, courses or webinars;
  • e-books;
  • mobile applications;
  • various templates for presentations, branding, flyers and so on;
  • plugins and more.

The amount of hassle compared to selling something physical is comparatively less! However, put a lot of effort into creating content yourself or with the help of third parties so that it does not violate copyright.

FAQ About YouTubers’ Earnings

What are the average annual earnings?

If you’re going to get paid while others watch videos, be aware of the potential. In general, channels with 1 million subscribers (at least) receive about 55-60 thousand dollars a year — these are quite large sums, however, to obtain such results, you need a lot of work, including ordering views, subscribers, and buy likes YouTube.

What is the cost of the 1 million of views?

As we said above, the rate and total income depend on many factors. However, if we take the average figures, then the channel can earn about three thousand dollars, having received more than one million views.

Who are the most paid YouTubers? 

The highest paid YouTubers in the world include Jimmy Donaldson with his 54 million a year, Jake Paul (45 million) and Markiplier (38 million).

Can a user get money due to the large number of subscribers?

No, channels don’t get paid simply for the number of subscribers. On the other hand, channels with a large number of subscribers have a large number of views, but it is quite possible to get money for them.

Can I get money for YouTube ads after buying some views? 

Of course! If it is difficult to get YouTube view for free, then you can always resort to specialized services to increase the popularity of your content using social media marketing platforms. Some of them offer great prices (of course you won’t find 10000 YouTube views for $2, you’ll have to shell out at least $60-$75), so don’t miss out.

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